100% Chance of Tears

100% Chance of Tears Cover

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Track List
1. Ringing My Bell
2. Take Me Back
3. Shine, Shave, Shower
4. I Do It All For You
5. Making Love, Catching Fish
6. Mobile Phone Blues
7. A Library Lost
8. 100% Chance of Tears
9. She Rocks Me
10. Work With Me
11. Julia
12. California

Ridin’ The Night Train

Ridin' The Night Train Cover

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“As with many singer/songwriters, Michael’s music has a meld of influences such as Presley, Dylan and Buck to the influx of colloquial persuasions that range inter-continentally from California to Austin to Europe and points in-between. The familial harmonies of Michael and his daughter Jessie, who’s been performing on stage with her father since the age of three, enhances the project’s synchronized sound. The band’s latest offering, “Ridin’ the Night Train”, showcases harmonic, classic country vocals and poignant songwriting that is combined effortlessly with a healthy abundance of familial folk and western sensibilities that will appeal to a broad audience of country music listeners.”

Track List
1. Ridin’ The Night Train
2. I Don’t Miss Her
3. Way Too Many
4. Loving You Is Easy
5. Old Heartache
6. Reluctant Farewell
7. When I Fall
8. Honkytonkin’ Daddy
9. Mending Fences
10. Ain’t Gonna Let Go
11. Anthem

Won’t You Ever Learn

Won't You Ever Learn Cover

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“The years of hard work show in this superbly produced work.  With its Bakersfield sound enhanced and strengthened by Michael’s folk/rock influences and a trace of European flavor, “Won’t You Ever Learn” is a collection of ten songs, most of which were written by Michael, whose Dylan influences shine in his clever lyrics, taking the old country standards of heartache, cheatin’, and drinkin’, and turning out new ways of saying them.” ? Kathy Coleman,

Track List
1. Won’t You Ever Learn
2. You Looked at Me
3. Practically Strangers
4. Born With A Broken Heart
5. Ain’t It Great To Be Free
6. Oh Papa?7. Tower of Song
8. Heart in a Glass
9. Something To Believe In
10. Nothing Comes to Mind

Buffalo Dreams

Buffalo Dreams Cover

“In this disc, Michael has once again put on display his formidable writing skills, as well as his excellent vocals. Tremendous plays on words run through Michael’s songs, such as his sorrowful “Drifting with the Wind,” featuring some beautiful pedal steel playing from Rüdiger Karahn (who also puts in some time on rhythm guitar), surprisingly lighthearted “Damned If You Do,” and the incredible “Green to Whiskey Eyes,” a truly authentic western swing two-stepping tune with fine, fine lyrics. Michael is a tremendously skillful writer. He works his words deftly, a craftsman, carefully putting each phrase right where it should be. With “Now There You Go Again,” “Break It Easy,” and “Open Road,” he wraps things up neatly, and closes it all with the Bob Dylan cover.” ? Kathy Coleman,

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Track List
1. Anywhere By You
2. Theme From Buffalo Dreams
3. Bound For Glory
4. Drifting With The Wind
5. Damned If You Do
6. Green To Whiskey Eyes
7. Now There You Go Again
8. Break It Easy
9. Open Road
10. You’re A Big Girl Now

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